Usage instructions Varius Plus

Usage instructions Varius Plus

How to use the gel?

Today varicose veins is a fairly common disease. This can be explained by the fact that at the current pace of life does not always work to find a middle ground between the big load on the musculoskeletal system and sedentary lifestyle. So many people rush from one extreme to another.

To delay treatment is not necessary, as it can cause serious problems with the musculoskeletal system. Moreover, varicose it does not look quite aesthetically pleasing, which can develop not a complete complexes and low self-esteem.

The product can be used for the treatment of varicose veins, and as a preventive measure. However, ritual use remains the same:

Usage instructions
  • Cleaning before applying the gel the skin should be clean and slightly damp for better absorption of the funds. Moisture has a beneficial effect on a more rapid interaction of the vehicle with the problem areas.
  • Application - Varius Plus apply with clean hands, gently massage. Due to the thick texture of the gel against varicose veins quite economical to use. Varius Plus you need to apply 2 times a day, preferably at the same time.
  • Wait until completely absorbed - leaving only to take a comfortable position to wait. Gel against varicose veins absorbed pretty quickly without leaving residue on clothes.

Indications and contraindications to the use of

Due to the large load on the musculoskeletal system and may occur the first symptoms of varicose veins, which include:

  • difficulty walking;
  • pain in the legs;
  • cramps;
  • swelling.

If a solution is not accepted at the initial stage, the disease begins to progress gradually flows into the varicose veins.

All natural ingredients, the product does not cause side effects, allergic reactions, burning, redness and peeling.

However, it is worth remembering that on the Internet there are a huge number of scammers who want to build a business on a fairly common problem. For this reason, you should carefully consider the purchase Varius Plus and order the drug is only proven on the Internet resource - official website of the manufacturer in Romania.

In this case, You will receive the original and approved drug that ensures recovery after the first year of application. Also, frequently hosts sales and promotions, where You have the opportunity to buy goods at an affordable price and get free advice from the official representative.

Do not forget that you should use the instructions. Also, to get the effect in the shortest time, it is necessary to abandon bad habits and follow a balanced food. Also, a great help will be a contrast shower and massage. This method is perfectly relaxes and tones and also accelerates blood circulation and helps to soak of the gel against varicose veins. Do not neglect the morning exercises and long evening walks, regardless of the degree of Your load. These actions help get rid of swelling and cramps, as they contribute to the normalization of water balance in the body. Gel against varicose veins will become reliable allies in the fight against varicose veins, and prevention of disease.